Anti-Theft Backpacks- Features and Safety Tips


Anti-theft backpacks really help you to save all your valuables and belongings. Before buying your backpack, it is necessary to consider the features of anti-theft backpacks. There are many models of anti-theft backpack available. You can go through the customer feed backs and reviews to select your best brand. After choosing brand, you should look features of that anti-theft backpack and go for buying that bag.


Anti-theft Backpacks- Features:

  • Available in many colors
  • Made of strong nylon and polyester materials
  • Padded and adjustable strong shoulder straps
  • Many security features to add strength to the bag
  • RFID blocking technology in the main compartment
  • Several internal pockets to organize your belongings
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slash fabric
  • Dual zippers that are robust and high quality for anti-theft protection
  • Waterproof to a high level
  • Stylish appearance
  • Several security features, including steel wire mesh, security hook, and RFID-blocking material
  • Padded bottom section to prevent damage and dirt.


Safety Tips to keep your belongings safe:

  1. Anti-theft backpacks keep all your belongings safe. But you should take care in advance with following measures
  2. Keep your bag across your body, not on one shoulder
  3. Try to wear bag on your front, not on your hip or behind.
  4. Always keep a hand on you bags on crowded trains, buses or in markets.
  5. Don’t keep all your things in one compartments. Spread your things around various hidden compartments
  6. Avoid motorized bag snatchers by keeping bag safely
  7. Always use a padlock on your bag. TSA approved locks are a good idea because they wont be broken by theft.
  8. If you are carrying a laptop or tablet, make sure that you take extra care to store in dedicated compartment within the backpack.
  9. Store your valuables like passport, credit cards, wallets etc., in the main compartment, not the sections on the outside of your backpack. This will make it harder for pickpockets to get access.
  10. Your never leave your backpacks unattended.
  11. Leave unwanted things at home and don’t carry with your backpacks. For example, carrying unnecessarily a brand new iPhone, makes you a target for thieves.